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Cancer And Aries


Cancer And Aries Love Compatibility:

Aries and Cancer is a strange combination of fire and water and thus anyone can imagine the outcome of their union. Cancer People are moody and secretive; though they represent themselves as a tough individual they are soft and sensitive from their heart. Aries are jolly and highly active personality whereas cancers are shy and slow I nature. Aries like to be open and frank; theyto be around their family members but Aries gets tied up in the relations completing their demands. As Aries likes to be independent they love their freedom whereas cancer need continuous interaction with its partner and is dependent on it.

Nature of the Aries:

Aries are confident in nature and always resort to firm decision, due to this nature they are always dominating in their personal and professional lives but sometimes this may cause them some problem as they are also careless about the outcome of their decisions. People with Aries sign are often seen looking to gain acceptance by the people and hence they always try to do things that will boost their ego. Aries have attractive personality and they use it to gain respect and acceptance. They always want to win and seek perfection in their life. Aries will never harm anyone intentionally.

Nature of the Cancer:

Cancer are opposite of Aries as their mood always seems to be changing and they need to have dependence on their partner. They don’t like bossing around but would cherish their superiority. They also know how to use their qualities properly and meet people with humbleness. They are strong individuals and like crab they can survive any given challenge. They always have another way of solving their problem if stuck at any point. They use their communication skills to divert other individuals from particular subject. They are always protective towards their loved ones. They can easily get hurt and tend to hide themselves afterwards in order to stay away from getting hurt back.

Cancer And Aries Relationship :

Both Cancer and Aries know how to maintain their relationships well and are lovely in nature. They would have great chemistry as close friends or family members with minor or no differences. If it is in professional life then they can also have competition among themselves for higher posts, in most the cases cancer will stay calm and let Aries gain the opportunity whereas intensions of the Aries will only be to gain that higher post. They both can have great parenthood and raise their children efficiently.

Negatives of this relationship:

They can have some problems in their love and relation as cancer is little shy and slow in nature whereas Aries is aggressive and dominant. Initially Aries will show excitement in romance but as cancer are slow and shy Aries may decrease the level of love for partner. Due to this behavior Cancer can get hurt and may never recover from it to love her back. Aries would have to either move on or win its heart back to make him love back. Cancer is good in finance and knows how to earn and save it for future but Aries just considers it normal thing to spend. Due to differences in their nature they can have clashes initially in their relationship but should be able to fix this problem if given the chance of understanding each other and also learn their respective nature. Conclusion : If they succeed in doing so then they can enjoy the properly secured life with love and excitement. The existence of this relationship will solely depend on the individual’s ability to understand each other and learn from each other. Cancer can learn to become independent and Aries can learn care and kindness from cancer. Hence an expert advice to survive this relationship will be great understanding and adjustment only!  

Aries man and cancer woman:

Aries man likes to be free and wants his woman to understand it but at other end cancer woman is very sensitive and needs his help in her every decisions, she always fails to match with Aries’ rough and aggressive attitude. An Aries man will soon find it difficult to stay around the cancer lady as he thinks it is her possessiveness towards him. Such a behavior would break her sensitive and emotional heart. Even Aries man’s glances of admirations for other woman would make her feel jealous! If Aries man gives her enough appreciation then she may also give Aries man all the required freedom by him which is natural to Aries. Cancer woman likes to be in her own comfort zone and is attached emotionally to every closed person or thing whereas Aries man always prefers change in their life. An Aries man can always win any cancer woman’s heart just by appreciating and admiring her.

She likes Aries man to take lead and start the conversation. Aries is far better lover and romantic person than any other zodiac signs. It can become perfect couple if they are right Aries and cancer match to each other. In another scenario, if both of them are under the age of 25 or the cancer woman is 10 year younger to him then their marriage will bring double fun and happiness to themselves. If the Aries male likes the specific cancer female then he will probably try to impress her and start to brag about it. He will be so keen to impress her that he will do anything to prove it to cancer female.

Aries male will only do that if he feels that he is dominating amongst them. Cancer woman must have faith in her male partner, though Aries always seems to be very careless person they know responsibilities and would support her in every moment of her life. A cancer woman is very calm, composed and lovely person. With her intellectual mind she can be successful in her personal as well as professional life. For Aries man, cancer woman is perfect partner and will fulfill his every desire. Aries man will provide her required security but frequently out spoken words can hurt her deeply. Cancer woman leaves her loyalty toward her loved ones, giving them all the love and understanding but this can also make Aries feel uneasy and he may consider her to spying on him. In order to maintain this relationship both the partner should be mature enough to adjust with the situation and understand each other.

Aries woman and cancer man:

Cancer man is usually minds his own business and is good in finance. He is generally looking for money and fame. He becomes successful by his own hard work and strong determination. Cancer man is always loyal and faithful to his woman and wants her to love him back passionately. Aries woman usually like this but her negligence can hurt him badly. Cancer man can be the good entertainer to the Aries woman as it has better humor to keep her entertained. Aries woman likes to explore new things and have adventures life. She would definitely find a great lover in cancer as they are naturally kind and caring. Cancer can also understand the naturally impulsive behavior of Aries but she thinks it is normal and do not care if cancer man is getting hurt by it. Thus she should control her excitement and impulsive nature. Aries woman can help cancer man lose is shyness and get his confidence by making him feel that he is strong and can take care of her. This is all possible due to winning spirit of Aries; she understands cancer man’s fear and tries to help him get out of those fears and be confident. Aries woman would give protection and love to Cancer man, enhancing the love and attraction between them.

Cancer also makes her feel special by fulfilling her every need and by kind nature. As they represent fire and ice respectively they also complement each other well. As time passes they build unique relation with better understanding. Cancer would also make her feel secured. They will form better physical relation and would cherish each other’s company. Sometimes their relation can get spoiled due to the secretive nature of the Cancer. The already intellectual mind keeps thinking about this, making her mind more stressful. Aries woman would also get bored of swinging moods of the cancer. Money creates the big problem between these two because Cancer people like to earn and save money, whereas Aries people tend to spend more money. If they will learn to have better communication with each other then surly they will make perfect couple. Cancer and Aries Compatibility Report

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