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Capricorn And Aries


Capricorn And Aries

Aries: Aries wants to be free like a bird in the open sky. They believe in living the life to its fullest. They are adventurous and filled with thrills. They rarely interfere into others life. They have winning attitude and take pride in leading others. Aries seeks admiration from other people which helps them to gain ego and confidence. Arrogance and careless attitude can be felt sometimes from their action.

Capricorn: Capricorn is self-oriented and calm person. They have big aims in their life and work hard to achieve them. They have keen interest in learning new things and are intellectual in nature. They don’t like to take unnecessary risk and they often prefer deep thinking before doing anything. They are devoted to their work. Capricorn learns from their experience or past actions and doesn’t repeat them again. Aries people are full of joy and excitement whereas Capricorn people are serious in nature. Capricorn people care about money and store it for future use but Aries like to spend them and they don’t care about the future needs of money. In Capricorn and Aries relation, Aries likes the devotion of Capricorn toward his work while Capricorn silently desires to enjoy his life like an Aries.

Capricorn person may show selfishness in order to succeed in life. A relationship between Aries and Capricorn can be emotional one. They tend to indulge in marriage at young age. Capricorn does not immediately open to Aries as he is obsessed with his freedom so much that he can’t just spare his time for Aries. Aries may just show furious reaction on this behavior of Aries. Aries wants his partner to admire him and spend quality time with him. In order to make this relation last long they both should have better communication and trust with each other.

Once they create mutual understanding between them then they will have strong and never ending love between them. Capricorn person will provide care and respect whereas Aries will provide happiness and safety to their relationship. Along with personal life they will help each other gain success in their professional life too. Capricorn and Aries can be better friends or business partner. In a business, Aries should maintain look after their business affairs and Capricorn should look after the financial affairs. In a married life they will take care of their children and put effort to make them better person.

Capricorn and Aries can have problems in understanding each other during their early stage of relationship. Capricorn dislikes the carelessness of Aries while Aries feels jealous of the practical nature of Capricorn.

Aries Man And Capricorn Woman:

Capricorn woman is very practical in nature and they help the Aries man solve the complications of their life. She can be very sensitive and hurt easily. Though Capricorn woman is career minded she gives more priority to her husband and family. Aries man is often fascinated by the way Capricorn manages both her personal and professional life. This shows Capricorn woman’s affection and love for her family. Aries man provides Capricorn woman necessary freedom and gives her enough confident to be social with other people. Capricorn woman likes the leading quality and strong nature of the Aries man and she feels secured in his arms. Capricorn woman’s self centered nature can hurt Aries man sometimes but still he adjusts to her freedom seeking nature. Capricorn woman may find Aries man to be spendthrift and lacking maturity.

Aries man and Capricorn woman can have good relationship together but only when Capricorn woman will start sharing her feelings with Aries man and when Aries man will start taking life seriously. Aries man should handle money with care as Capricorn considers it to be very important for their future. If they both succeed in doing this then soon they will be able to enjoy their romance. This bond will need some time to grow mature.

Capricorn woman will shower a love on Aries man and vice versa. They will generate passion for each other, which will make them lose themselves into each other. Aries is passionate lover but he can have trouble dealing with Capricorn woman who is constantly deviated from him and lost in her own thoughts. This happens because usually Capricorn woman thinks that she is not beautiful enough for Aries man. Aries man should not mistake her nature of hiding her problems as her ego and try to understand her problems. Capricorn woman can get sad by unnecessarily arguments and furious nature of Aries man. Aries man accepts the freedom needed by the Capricorn woman but her inflexibility hurts the Aries man most.

Aries Woman And Capricorn Man:

Curious nature of Aries woman and secretive nature of Capricorn makes this relation interesting. Aries woman is of happy go lucky nature and fun loving person whereas Capricorn man is more stable in nature. Due to their difference in nature Aries woman tends to get attracted towards the Capricorn man. Aries woman fills joy and thrills in the life Capricorn man. She teaches him how to live their life passionately. Aries woman is also attracted to Capricorn man’s strong will power and supports him achieve his aims. A Capricorn man is of serious type and very ambitious in nature. His patience and calm nature of living his life fascinates the Aries woman.

Capricorn man secretly seeks excitement and fun in his life just like but he is so involved in his work that he can’t turn back. He may feel jealous of Aries woman for this reason. He assumes Aries woman’s carelessness as a stupidity. As their relationship grows up, they tend to get comfortable with each other. Capricorn man starts neglecting her mistakes and adoring her innocence. He pays attention to Aries woman and admires for her work. With his patience and unconditional love Capricorn man teaches Aries woman how to accept or adapt to other people.

At the same time Capricorn man adores her bold characteristics. Though this relationship takes some time to adjust with each other, it becomes life-long later. Capricorn man reduces his strict and discipline nature and adopts little carefree nature just like Aries woman. They both start living in a harmony and peace. The love that is generated is unstoppable. There can be frequent fights and arguments in this relationship. Capricorn man can feel Aries woman to be little arrogant and impulsive in nature. Whereas self-oriented, restricted nature of Capricorn man can generate the feeling of insecurity and suspiciousness in Aries woman.

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