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Libra And Aries


Libra And Aries

Libra And Aries can have great time together if they understand each other properly. Aries represents the fire whereas Libra represents the air element. If fire can get good amount of air then it can blaze for a longer time but if there are conflicts between them, then it can add trouble in it. This means this relation will make either a lively best couple or the destructive worst one. Aries: Aries are good leaders and like to dominate the course of their life. They are strong individuals and often attract other people to them. They don’t like to take orders from others and stand for their own decision. They get furious easily. They don’t pay attention on the things before doing it and suffer from it later.  

Libra:Libra people are sensitive and kind in nature. They have better understandability of others feelings. They like to dream about their desires. They are always changing their mind about everything. They always need someone to take care of them. They play the role of mediator between two debating parties. They like to listen to the problem of others and provide solution to it. They take real pride and happiness in it.

In a relationship between Libra And Aries, Aries person may find it difficult to deal with intellectual capabilities of Libra as he himself is impatient in nature. Libra people always resort to the right decision after a thoughtful thinking. Aries people seek to achieve the same from Libra but their inconsistency restricts them. Aries people like decision taking capability of the Libra. Aries have tendency to argue unnecessarily but they avoid having it with Libra partner knowing their rationality. Both Aries and Libra can feel jealous about each other and wish to have characteristics of each other.

Dominating Leo seeks the decision taking ability and logical power of a Libra person and Libra want to become jolly and ever exciting like an Aries. Libra like the way Aries enjoy their life. Aries and Libra person can be good friends with each other. They can also be good business partners or co-workers. Aries and Libra have better love compatibility with each other. Problem may arise in this relationship due to arrogance of the Aries or incapability of Libra to resort to particular decision.

Aries Man And Libra Woman:

Aries man wants to achieve everything in his life. He seeks appreciation from others. Aries man is handsome, dominating and energetic which helps him to attract others towards him.Libra woman would give him required attention and love, which boosts Aries man’s confidence. Libra woman is clever, smart and charming in nature. She believes in helping out needy people. Aries man like to control others whereas Libra woman would love being handled by her Aries man. Aries man and Libra Woman both make good couple; Aries man provides security and stability whereas Libra woman brings happiness and peace in relationship. Libra woman knows the decision capabilities of Aries but still she provides him with her points of view without showing any disrespect for him. Aries man is fascinated by the decision taking abilities of the Libra woman. With proper guidance from Libra woman, Aries man can be a successful person.

Thus Aries man takes the important tips from Libra woman and she also cherishes it. Libra woman likes being part of his work. Aries man makes her feel good in his presence. He tries to complete her every wish. And make her happy. Libra woman likes Aries man's way of working. She gives several ideas to Aries man and he accepts it to test his potential.

Aries man also receives the appreciation after completing the given task. Graceful Libra woman keeps her Aries man attracted towards her with her kind nature. Their relation will have flow of affection and care flowing from both sides. Aries man’s fire receives the help of the air from Libra woman and it starts blazing furiously. The physical relation between them thickens day by day. Libra woman may find Aries man rude and arrogant.At another side, Aries man may get bored of judgmental behavior of the Libra woman.

Aries Woman And Libra Man:

Aries woman and Libra man both try to complete each other, which results into higher attraction. Aries woman and Libra man create strong bond between them as they both are of friendly nature. Aries woman gives Libra man support and confidence to deal with decisions. Libra man needs someone to back up him every time but Aries woman dislikes it. She would like to be his partner to live life and not a fatherly figure to guide him. Aries woman is independent and loves her freedom.

This lack of confident in Libra man's nature irritates Aries woman. She should understand the needs of Libra man. Aries woman has tendency of working on new ideas; but she often leaves that work due to lack of interest in it. Libra man can help her complete what they have started. Libra man with his caring nature makes Aries woman feel special. He admires her beauty and shares his feelings for her. This is exactly what Aries woman seeks from her man.

As a result she will also provide the love Libra man wants from her. As time passes they will generate faith and trust for each other. At early stage they would have great physical relationship with each other, but this tends to lessen by the time as they both see it in different way. For Libra man it is just a feeling of love but Aries woman needs intense physical love making. Libra should use his imaginative power to fulfill her desires.

There are some sides of this relation where they can have problem with each other but can improve on it. When Libra man is arguing with Aries woman there is a reason behind it; she must be making some mistakes. Aries woman should understand that Libra man is better decision maker than her. Aries woman must control her short-tempered nature. Libra man can be very irritating sometimes as they can't resort on a decision quickly or keep changing it.  

Conclusion: Aries and Libra will have great pair together. An Aries likes to control others and Libra won't mind following the path shown by Aries. Thus this relation has better compatibility.

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