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Pisces And Aries

Pisces and Aries

Aries: Aries are of lively nature and fun loving person but at the same time they can be aggressive and impatient also. Aries are social in nature and likes to help other people. They have tendency of losing their interest easily. They live in today and enjoy their life. They seek fame and appreciation from others. They can be spendthrifts sometimes.  

Pisces: Pisces people are clever smart and kind in nature. They take pride in solving problems of other people. They interact with other people genuinely and hence they can have good time with almost everybody. They have ability to become a good artist. They are often lost in their daydreaming. Aries people are aggressive and dominating in nature whereas Pisces are calm and low in nature. Pisces can be shy sometimes and need some directions to work which is easily possible for Aries.


Aries are careless while handling the money whereas Pisces believes in earning and storing money for future use. Aries finds Pisces as submissive in nature and generally uses her to burst out his/her anger. Aries can also find Pisces of secretive nature. A thing to be concerned about is that Aries people represents the Fire but Pisces are water so one can say that this not so good match of zodiac sign but they can always resort to the solution between them if they are ready to compromise with each other.

If Pisces and Aries are friends then they can have better relations as supporting and guiding each other to achieve their individual goals. If they happen to be siblings then they would have lot more to share and learn from each other. They can also become good lovers but only after solving their differences.If Aries and Pisces are starting a love relationship then they must understand that some arguments and fights are bound to happen between them.

Aries Man And Pisces Woman:

Aries man can be kind and loyal lover for Pisces woman. He can be childish and arrogant sometimes but constant love from Pisces woman makes him concentrate back on her. Aries man always stands for her and complete her desires. He often admires her and gives gifts to keep the relation intact.

Pisces woman listens to the Aries man’s thoughts patiently. After listening to Aries man’s thoughts she provides her view on it kindly. This not only gives Aries man a better supporter but also a guide. Aries man can get a feeling of being alone as Pisces woman is often lost in her world of dreaming. Aries man sometimes fails to give Pisces woman her space of freedom as he feels the insecurities about his woman.

This can lead to some problems related to their trust but Pisces woman handles the situation and calm downs the fiery Aries man. After this experience Aries learns a lesson and starts giving her freedom. When Aries man and Pisces woman will reach at their best relationship status there will be amazing scene of union between cold water and fiery fire. Pisces woman will get sensitive towards fulfilling Aries man’s desires.

Aries man also reduces his jealousy and shows his faith in her. There can be some problems in their physical relationship as both of them seek admiration from each other but none of them are able to provide to each other. Aries man especially will generate suspiciousness for Pisces as he will be uncertain about their relationship. Aries man is dominating in nature and this can hurt a sensitive Pisces. Pisces is often lost in her dreams and this can make Aries feel that she is keeping a distance from him.

Aries Woman And Pisces Man:

Pisces man is ambitious in nature but often fails due to lack of confidence and duality in nature. But Aries woman always keeps a faith in him and supports him to achieve his aims. Aries woman is often attracted to creative and kind nature of Pisces man. She respects him and his quality and this reflects in her great support for him. Aries woman teaches Pisces man a passion to win. Aries woman can be possessive towards Pisces and would protect him from others who are trying to make fun of his failures.

Aries woman might just turn furious while handling a soft hearted Pisces, so care should be taken by Aries woman not to use harsh words against him. Aries woman like to help other people but this habit of her can be misused against her. Aries woman is not so mature enough to understand it. Pisces understands this and protects her from those people. This way of protecting Aries woman makes her feel secured around Pisces man. He shows his affection to her and keeps Aries woman satisfied.

Pisces man has tendency to see visions of his fantasies but this can separate him from Aries woman and make her furious unnecessarily. Aries woman and Pisces man both have fears of losing their mate. This leads them to possessiveness for each other. As long as they have feelings for each other this possessiveness will work wonders for them. Pisces man will leave all his secretive nature behind and be open his feelings and fears to Aries woman. Even Aries woman will work on her anger and impulsiveness; she will try to copy behaviors of Pisces man as she is fascinated by his intellectual abilities.

They can have good romantic and physical relationship all together; as Pisces man can use his innovative ideas and ability to dream to spice up their relation. Aries woman already possess a passion for love making so there will be no awkwardness for trying anything new. They both enjoy intense physical relationship between them. Though they are loyal to each other they can’t help their real own behaviors, as Pisces man starts deviating himself from Aries woman. Aries woman irritates him by her impulsiveness which can also be the reason behind Pisces man’s daydreaming nature. When Pisces man will show retreat from Aries woman she will feel more jealous of him.

Conclusion: Though this is the combination of Fire and Air, the compatibility between Aries and Pisces is moderate. They will have to make compromises to make this relationship work.

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