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Taurus And Aries

Taurus and aries

Taurus And Aries Taurus is ruled by Venus while Aries is ruled by Mars! As we know Venus is goddess of love, Taurus will never be short of giving love to Aries. Aries and Taurus represent the Fire and Earth respectively. As normal nature of fire is to destroy anything that comes into its way, earth will not stand any chance of resisting it. Thus Taurus person will be highly provoked by any action of Aries. They both have different characteristics Aries are very quick and aggressive whereas Taurus is slow and calm. Aries are known for their qualities of leadership, they will never listen to the orders from anyone.

They are also good decision maker. At other hand, Taurus who is not so innovative will always listen to the ideas of the Aries partner. Aries person’s creative mind will produce number of ideas for Taurus, whereas Taurus will convert these ideas in to the successful outputs. These to individuals are so different from each other that, their uniqueness will eventually be disliked by them. Taurus will dislike the furious nature of the Aries whereas Aries will get disappointed y the slowness and calmness of Taurus.   

Aries: Aries are born leaders and like to win everything they opt for. They want everything to be perfect for them. They are always positive towards their life and like to go on adventures. They can easily overcome their past and live their life to fullest. They don’t really care about the consequences of particular subject; they just want to achieve the success at any cost. They are usually under the debts because of their tendency of spending money.

Taurus: Taurus is calm and controlled individuals. Though they are not as innovative like Aries they put lots of effort to bring out the expected results. They are very simple in nature and their feelings can be predicted. Usually they are patient but if someone tries to humiliate Taurus then they can be seriously angry and can make you run for your life. They also act dumb sometimes. Unlike Aries they live in their past especially when hurt by previous partner. They often need some time to match with the world. For exception to their nature they can also be intellectual and show great humor.

Aries Man And Taurus Woman:

A pair of Aries man and Taurus woman is known for their ability of working together. Aries man need love and support from his partner, while Taurus woman knows the importance of love and will stand firm for her man in of any financial or business issue. She would also help him improve his professional life. There will be good romance in between them as Aries man is strong and dominating personality and Taurus woman is calm and doesn’t mind following him. Aries are always fascinated by the by the caring nature of the Taurus. They both are loyal to each other and enjoy being with each other. They have passion for each other, would like to spend time with each other in alone. If they both are working together then they can be good co-workers also as Aries are innovative whereas Taurus are keen to learn new things and would complete their project at any cost. As far as marriage is concern they both would want to have their home and children. They both would also have good physical relationship as Aries men are known for healthy body and intense nature while Taurus woman would like him to rule her.

Negatives about this Relation:

Though Taurus woman is calm and patience person, she would not like Aries treating her arrogantly. Aries are little careless about what they do and really don’t care about the results. This habit can annoy the Taurus woman. Taurus women are known for Slow and non-responding nature which sometimes can create problems for Taurus to match with furious and impulsive Aries. There is difference in a loyalty level of both which would create a need of having constant communication between them.

Taurus Man And Aries Woman:

Taurus man and Aries woman is the most self-oriented and independent pair of the entire zodiac combinations. They concentrate on their own needs and rather don’t care about the world. Together they can achieve anything. This couple believes in action and both of them are practical in nature. They both look forward to achieve their individual objectives and earn money. They both want their partner to admire them whenever needed. Both of them will have passion for each other. Aries woman would need freedom to live and Taurus will allow it as he doesn’t feel jealous of it.

Taurus and Aries both are known for their possessiveness for their partner, so if they succeed in maintaining the trust and passion for each other then this couple can definitely be highly successful. They have very good communication with each other and can place their respective views or thoughts in front of each other. If this couple gets married then they can also become good parents. Aries woman does not like anyone dominating her life, but she lets her Taurus man take control of their love life. She likes to be independent and solve her problems by herself only.

However, Taurus always back up her with his support and care. Aries woman also cares about the Taurus man’s feelings and doesn’t hurt him. Once Taurus man commits to the Aries woman, then he would suffer from any pain just to make her happy. Aries woman like this and feels secured and satisfied in his company. Even if Aries gets angry the Taurus man would keep him calm as he knows her nature. Sometimes he would also leave alone to let her be normal and then talk with her in normal tone. Negative: Aries woman can be furious at times and this can irritate any Taurus man.

Sometimes Aries woman can get angry on Taurus man for no reason at all but Taurus who is totally aware of this nature neglects this. If Aries tries to overpower Taurus and consider his patients as his weakness then it is big mistake because Taurus possesses more anger then Aries could ever imagine. Aries woman also gets furious on the slow and stubborn Taurus as she wants her partner to match her levels too. In case if they can’t cope up with each other, the fight between them can continue for long time. Thus they should live with little compromise and try to understand each other.

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