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Virgo And Aries


Virgo And Aries

Aries: Aries are known for their jolly, fun loving nature. They live their life to fullest. They are very good leader also. They like to win in all the cases of life. They like to dominate other people. If they don’t get approval then they are also ready to fight for it. They can easily overcome the incidents happened in a past. They like to live a luxurious life and spend lot of money on it. They like to explore new and exotic places. They often go on picnic with their friends. 

Virgo: Virgo likes to live independent life; they are intelligent and creative also. Sometimes they lack confidence due to which their creativity fails. Their intellectual mind helps them to detect what’s good for them and what is not. They can be critic sometimes, which may hurt other signs around them. They seek perfection in their life. They are careful about money they spend.

Aries and Virgo

both make loyal and honest couple but there can be some problem between them due to their differences. Aries represents the Fire whereas Virgo represents the Earth. It is difficult for Virgo to stand against the fiery Aries. At the same time Aries can get bored of negative Virgo! Aries is known for its impulsive nature and people of this sign believe in doing rather than talking. They are careless while doing anything but later start thinking about the consequences.

In case of the Virgo, they think a lot before doing anything. They are of calm nature. As far as the relationship is concern, there can be some problem about how they deal in a given situation. Aries are careless and spendthrifts in nature, this can make Virgo partner sad as they are extremely careful to save the money. Aries often are not stable; they keep changing their mind whereas Virgo is very stable in nature and they stick to their decision. Virgo will have to work on its criticizing habit as Aries can't tolerate it. To maintain this relationship both will have to control their weaknesses.  

Aries Man And Virgo Woman:

Aries man is very egoistic and he thinks what he is doing is always right. They don’t like to take rejection. Virgo tries to give better solution to Aries but it turns in to criticism instead of advice. Aries will never take that in a positive manner. Aries man will try to dominate the Virgo woman and calm Virgo would also like to follow him. Aries person has a charms and attractive personality by which he can attract Virgo female. He likes the lovely and calm nature of the Virgo. But, he doesn’t like the practical nature of the Virgo woman. Virgo tries to give better solution to Aries but it turns in to criticism instead of advice. Aries person should understand that criticizing is in her nature and it is her own way of showing her concerns.

With this understandability both of them will build faith in this relationship. Virgo woman is practical in life and they perform any act after earning detailed knowledge about it. Aries man can bring new thoughts in a relationship but to the matured Virgo female it looks like a child’s play. They are more of a mind person rather than heart person; hence they can easily see what is wrong and right in their life. They want someone who can take care of them and Aries are just a match for them. Virgo woman is loyal and modest in nature. She always support Aries person with her intelligence.

Virgo woman likes loyalty shown by Aries man; the courageous and adventurous nature of Aries appreciated by the Virgo and she is always ready to be part of this. They both would like to go on long traveling. They both would have good physical relationship, as they both are passionate lovers. As time will pass they would build up strong mental connection between them.

Aries Woman And Virgo Man:

In Virgo and Aries relationship, Aries woman is very supportive to Virgo man. She like his innovative ideas and cheers him in achieving it. Virgo man needs someone at his back, which is completely accepted by the Aries woman. She inspires him with her courage and energy to tackle any problems. Thus, Virgo man also tries to fulfill her all dreams. He is just fascinated by her confidence. Aries woman helps Virgo man to get over his all fears of life and enjoy the current moment. She can shower him with her love and passion.

A Virgo man is loving person and shows his loyalty and faith to her. Virgo man strives for perfection and achieves his goals with the help of proper planning. Aries woman get attracted to the goal oriented attitude of the Virgo man. Virgo man also makes her feel the safe and secured around him. He teaches the Aries woman to make her life stable. Aries woman can fail in her life due to unstable nature but still Virgo has faith in her.

There is a perfect balance between active Aries woman and stable Virgo. They make very good pair. They believe in great love making. It is not just a physical relationship but pairing of two souls. They are emotionally attached to each other. Aries woman keeps excitement in their relationship by bringing new thoughts every time in their relationship. Aries person should control his fiery and aggressive nature as it can be tough on the Virgo.

They should also consider listening to their partner, as Virgo people are more creative and come with better solutions. In the pair of Virgo and Aries, Aries people are spendthrifts and can create heavy debts on them. Virgo people's criticism can make Aries man angrier. Hence, they should control their habit of expressing their views on their partner's action.

Conclusion: Aries and Virgo will have moderate compatibility between them. With little co-operation and understanding of each others behavior they can have good relationship.

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